How to Pluck Your Eyebrows Without Ruining Them

If you're looking to shape your eyebrows without causing any permanent damage, then you've come to the right place. Plucking your eyebrows can be a tricky business, but with a little love, patience, and practice, you can achieve the bushy, full arches of your dreams. The key is to never try to thin your eyebrows by plucking them from the top. The entire shape must be done from the bottom to achieve a natural look.

It's also important not to over-pluck them; eyebrow hairs don't always grow back. If you're not sure where your natural arch is, use a highlighter pencil to trace the top and bottom line of your brow; the place where both lines rise upward is where your natural brow is. Waxing every three or four weeks is a safe bet, but if you wax daily, the hair on your eyebrows will start to grow at different rates, resulting in an uneven appearance. Dr.

Sure recommends that enough time is needed for hair to respond to changes; the growth cycle of eyebrow hair is between three and four months. To make it easier for you to access your eyebrows, you can remove your skin backwards in a small facelift maneuver. But be careful not to pull too much as this could mean pulling out too many hairs.So if you've been a little over the top with eyebrow waxing recently, don't worry! With some patience and practice, you can get your brows back and achieve the look you want.