Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Hair

When it comes to hair, there are two main types: the shortest and thinnest hairs (peach fluff) found on the body, and the longer and thicker terminal hairs. Examples of terminal hair include head hair, facial hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic hair, chest hair, and abdominal hair. It can take up to a year for your brows to fully grow back, but the first week is usually the hardest. According to Ramy Gafni, an eyebrow hairstylist based in New York City, it may seem like the hairs are making fun of you, but if you leave them alone they will eventually form a full brow.

If your brows naturally arch more towards the center than towards the tips, you can work with that. Ask a salon professional to clean loose hair from the top of your arch without creating a peak, which could cause a constant appearance of surprise.The color of eyebrow hairs usually matches the color of the hairs on a person's head, but this is not always the case. Madron recommends RevitaBrow, a serum rich in peptides and vitamins that helps strengthen hair and prevent breakage and loss. As a person ages, it takes longer for the hair on the eyebrows to turn gray or white than the hair on the head, and sometimes it never changes color.

The only problem with this procedure is that the new eyebrows grow long because it's actually normal hair.Eyebrow hairs are thicker than head hair and have a curved shape, even if the hair on the head is straight. Define the arc (the highest point of the eyebrow, just beyond the iris when looking forward) by pulling a few hairs below it. Four different genes can affect the texture of eyebrow hair, one gene can determine the shape of the brow, five genes affect the color of eyebrow hair, and one gene determines whether or not an eyebrow develops. Using a spiral brush, comb the inner half of the eyebrows and trim any hairs that extend beyond the top.Madron suggests letting your eyebrows grow to increase their volume.

Follow up with a brow gel such as Allure Best of Beauty's Gimme Brow+ volumizing brow gel to keep them in place. Although it is not eyebrow hair, you can also get eyebrow extensions which are placed carefully and in the same direction as your eyebrows for a natural look. The difference between head and eyebrow hair is that head hair grows out of the skin on a gentle slope while eyebrow hair grows at a much sharper angle.Finally, there is an eyebrow transplant procedure in which hair from the scalp is transplanted to create eyebrows.